25 Toxic Tactics

Recognise the red flags. Put an end to unhealthy relationship patterns.

Have you just been through another breakup, after years of thinking that you had finally met THE ONE? 💑🏼

And yet the relationship ended up being a worse version of the one you had before that? 💔

Do you feel totally deflated, exhausted, used, abused and frustrated? Does it feel like the rest of your life is falling apart too, and that you’ve actually hit rock bottom? 😞

It probably feels crazy that every time you start a new relationship you believe it will be different — because you desperately want something different. And yet you end up in the same cycle over and over again. Only each time it gets a little worse. And that is actually what is so frustrating. 😤

So why does this keep happening? Why do you end up with toxic people each time who just take and take, but give very little, or nothing in return?

Awareness is the first step towards transformation. ✨

Then comes healing. On an emotional, mental, and physical level.

My hope is that this glossary brings you the awareness you need to choose YOU and begin your healing journey.